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Jaco Pastorius mural

Jaco Pastorius Mural

Jaco Pastorius Park mural completed in 2010. 145' x 24'.
Keim mineral Coatings on stucco. Commissioned by Oakland Park Main Street, Oakland Park, Florida.
This mural pays tribute to the ledgendary bass player, Jaco Pastorius, who grew up in Oakland Park.
Jaco Pastorius Park is located at NE 38th St. and N. Dixie Highway in Oakland Park. 

In the lower 8' on either side of the figures on both walls,  a limited edition of
porcelain tiles will replace the painted 4'X8'  rectangles.
Patrons are able to purchase these tiles online at for a limited time.

Watch the Mural Painting Process:

Jaco Pastorius mural 

South wall. 80' x 24'

detail of Jaco Pastorius mural

Detail of South wall. 

Jaco Pastorius mural

East wall.  65' x 24'

south florida mural

East wall.